About us

Jonny earned a BS Degree with a concentration in Information Technology/Packaging Design Engineering, with a minor in Business Management. His professional career began as a Packaging Design Engineer, with developing and testing protection packaging responsibilities for global powerhouses like Seagate, Iomega and Nvidia. After an 8 year tenure in the corporate world, he decided to embark in a different direction and explore new endeavors, leveraging his professional experience to challenge himself. The following 8 years, he founded a successful credit report business. When he decided that he was an entrepreneur at heart, he subsequently founded numerous successful business ventures, most notably Lion Card Inc, a metal credit card customization company. He has 2 patents and 3 trademarks to his credit. His expansive range of engineering experience allows him a unique opportunity to continue his entrepreneur journey with creativity, integrity and strong business principles. Jonny is a native of Silicon Valley and enjoys anything technology.


Michael Hu is a serial entrepreneur, with an enviable set of professional skills that span sales, marketing, networking events and event production. His professional life started in his early 20’s with successful positions held for notable hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley. He has amassed significant experience that positioned him on a path of starting his new ventures over the past decade. He has launched several promotion companies that specialized primarily in social networking events, fashion shows, nightlife and holiday parties. With unsurpassed passion and motivation to take his pursuits to new heights of success and excellent customer service as a cornerstone of his businesses, today Michael owns a successful nightclub that services the nightlife clientele as well as corporate clients (Team Building, New Venture & Product Launches, Corporate Gatherings, Mixology Experiences, Cocktail Receptions, VIP Galas, Holiday Parties, and Weddings). With his effective planning skills and unique vision, the events produced by Michael’s venue for corporate clients are extraordinary experiences. His ownership portfolio also includes 2 newly launched restaurants and several real estate investments.


Two different personalities with entirely different professional backgrounds, Jonny and Michael have joined forces to make waves in the wedding industry. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a WOW experience for the happy couple, who will impress their distinguished guests with a creative, unique and tech-savvy LIVE invitation to their special day